5 true stories for Yom Kippur

5StoriesForYomKippur-230x150From a Soviet labor camp to an ISIS prison, inspiring stories of people who clung to observing Yom Kippur, despite the odds.

by Yvette Alt Miller
Here are five true stories of people who clung to observing Yom Kippur despite the odds, great and small.
Steven Sotloff: Facing Jerusalem
Last month, after Islamic terrorists brutally murdered American-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff, his story of enormous courage and faith finally emerged.
An American-born Jew reporting from the Muslim world, Steven downplayed his religion and the fact that he was an Israeli citizen. When he was captured by terrorists in Syria in 2013, he did all he could to hide his Judaism from his captors. Steven’s family, terrified that if his captors knew Steven was Jewish they would do more to harm him, laid low, erasing all trace of their connection to their son from the internet and refraining from making public appeals for his release.
Yet despite the grave danger he was in, last Yom Kippur, Steven Sotloff managed to outwit his captors, fasting and even praying in the direction of Jerusalem on this holy day. A former prisoner who was held with Sotloff recalls: “He told them he was sick and doesn’t want to eat, even though we were served eggs that day. He used to pray secretly in the direction of Jerusalem. He would see in which direction (his Muslim captors) were praying, and then adjust the angle.”
In the middle of terrorist-controlled Syria, surrounded by murderous thugs dedicated to the eradication of Jews and the Jewish state, one Jewish, Israeli man was unbowed, observing Yom Kippur under the very noses of his captors.
The Soviet Guard

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