The secret metro of Moscow

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19550930_s-featureIn Moscow, there are two Stalin bunkers, which you can easily get into with a guided tour: one of them is near Izmailovskaya hotel, another near Taganskaya metro station.

Underground shelters that can withstand a nuclear hit, automobile tunnels from the Kremlin to Stalin’s suburban dacha, underground airports and tank tunnels of Moscow – isn’t it all some kind of nonsense? Yes, but only to some extent. Underground bomb shelters and transport communications for the Soviet government did – and still do – exist.

According to Russia Beyond the Headlines After World War II, construction of underground shelters, meant to protect civilians from after-effects of nuclear bombing, started in Moscow. But the highest government and military officials needed special protection – during wartime, only they can make decisions and apply measures to save the country.

Specially fortified shelters were built under strict secrecy in different parts of the city. To escape the city in case of bombing, the people in charge also needed means of secure transportation. Regular subway was unfit for that because of low level of protection, so “second subway” was constructed – it connects major government shelters and underground command centers, and also has a long radius leading outside the city borders, to vast suburban shelters. This system was labeled “Metro-2” by Muscovites.

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