Texas Sheriff Says It’s all

“I think most of us knew the facts, but the thing that struck home the most to me was the fact that we’re doing so little about it at a federal level,” Tom Yarbrough, a guest at the meeting, said. “You leave it in the hands of these fine gentleman at the local level for a while but they’re fighting a military that exists as competent as ours is, but on the other side of the fence. It’s just scary.”

#imag1 Border sheriff shares views at local town hall meeting

According to Sigifredo Gonzalez, the sheriff of Zapata County, the battle on the Texas border is best described as “domestic terrorism.”

“How many more police officers have to die? The border is not owned by the United States or Mexico – it is owned by the drug cartels,” Gonzalez said to the crowd at Congressman Ted Poe’s town hall meeting at Lone Star College-Kingwood July 31. It was the second town hall meeting of the week for the District 2 congressman.

Like many communities along the Texas-Mexico border, Zapata County, just south of Laredo, has been ravaged by crime and other issues surrounding illegal immigration, according to Gonzalez. He compared members of the drug cartels to terrorists and said the brutal acts along the border coincide with the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism.

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