Obama Admin’s ‘Persecution of Christians’ Is ‘Emboldening’ ISIS’ massacres abroad, FRC head Tony Perkins Warns

tony-perkinsBy-Samual Smith
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a prominent social conservative commentator, asserted Wednesday that the Obama administration’s limitations on religious freedoms domestically is “emboldening” the Islamic State’s attacks on Christians abroad.

Perkins, who testified before a Senate subcommittee in March and stated that the U.S.’ growing intolerance toward religious freedoms in the domestic marketplace and public sector is “giving rise” to religious persecution abroad,

“Ask Christian Wives, mothers and daughters overseas. Their husbands, sons and fathers are being beheaded or shot by radical Islamic jihadists like ISIS. They are being driven from their homes. Children are being martyred,” Perkins explained. “And our administration has done little to help, and for months resisted calling this massacre of Christians by Islamic jihadists what it is.”

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