Jordan’s King Abdullah Purges Regime and Army of Palestinians

While the Obama administration is preparing to stage a US-Israeli-Palestinian summit at the UN General Assembly in New York next month, Jordan‘s king Abdullah, who has always claimed to be an ardent champion of the Palestinians, is quietly acting to cut down their numbers and influence in his kingdom.

Just over 50% of Jordan’s six million citizens are Palestinian.

On Aug, 6, he addressed the Jordanian General Staff in Amman with a warning that domestic and foreign plots were afoot to stir unrest among the Palestinian majority community.

“I clearly reiterate that no force can compel us to act in any way against the interests of Jordan and Jordanians,” Abdullah said. “Anyone who thinks of threatening Jordan, its identity, stability and national unity, does not know Jordan or Jordanians and has not read their history.”

Abdullah did not name the source of the threat to Jordan. Some Middle East sources interpreted his unusually stern remarks as referring to Syria and Iraq and their possible exploitation of the Palestinian community for destabilizing the kingdom. Hence the following five steps disclosed here by DEBKAfile‘s military and intelligence sources:

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