‘Jesus healed me’: Devout Muslim family see their crippled mother rise from bed as pastors prayed over her

jesus-christ-silhouetteBy Hazel Torres
Nothing is impossible when God Himself makes things happen.

Pastors from Bibles4Mideast ministry found this out when, through them, Jesus Christ appeared before a family of devout Muslims who embraced Him after He showed them His mercy and healing power.

The startling conversion was narrated by a family member who preferred to be called only by her pseudonym Fadila for security reason. The exact location in the Middle East where the conversion took place was also not mention in the ministry report for the same reason.
Fadila said it all began when her mother became sick. Her condition worsened by the day. They consulted many doctors, but no one could diagnose the cause of her illness. She suffered a stroke and became bedridden.
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