IRS under Obama focus on pro-Israel groups

 The administration of President Barack Obama oversees a unit that is examining non-profit groups that support Israel. 
A lawsuit filed in U.S. federal district court has disclosed that the Internal Revenue Service was operating a unit assigned to examine the positions and board members of pro-Israeli non-profit groups. The unit was said to have denied tax-exempt status to at least one organization, called Z Street, on grounds that it opposed Obama’s policy toward Israel.
“Z Street was informed explicitly by an IRS Agent on July 19, 2010, that approval of Z Street’s application for tax-exempt status has been at least delayed, and may be denied because of a special IRS policy in place regarding organizations in any way connected with Israel,” the suit, filed in U.S. district court in Philadelphia, said. “And further that the applications of many such Israel-related organizations have been assigned to ‘a special unit in the D.C. office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the administration’s public policies.’ ”

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