Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood? Gaza’s Hamas? Lebanon’s Hezbollah? Dalal Mughrabi proves Fatah is No Different!

by Moshe Phillips

Much ink has been spilled over the last several weeks over questions about the Muslim Brotherhood. How powerful is it? How extreme is it? How dangerous is the group? Are they sponsors of terrorism?

No doubt now that Mubarak has relinquished power these questions will continue to be debated. And let’s be clear, these are vitally important questions for Egypt, for the U.S. for Israel and for the entire Middle East.

But, the things being asked about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood must be asked about Fatah as well. They should have been asked a long time ago.

Fatah is the largest component of the PLO. It was led by Yasser Arafat until his death in 2004. It won 62% of the votes in the 2005 Palestinian National Authority elections. It has socialist orientation and has Observer Party status in the Socialist International. Fatah is the Palestinian entity that the U.S. State Department groomed for leadership of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) beginning in 1988 when Arafat supposedly renounced terrorism.

We are expected to believe that Fatah is different. We are told to believe that the PLO has changed. There are just a few problems with that — the big one being that they really have not changed.

The Palestine National Covenant continues to call for the destruction of Israel and Zionism.

Perhaps there are authentic Palestinian moderates somewhere out there, but they have yet to show themselves.

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