Drone-based system capable of remotely finding bombs unveiled in Tel Aviv

SpectroDrone by LDS: Drone-Operated, drone-2-635x357 (Screen capture: Vimeo)
Israeli-designed laser technology detects explosives and other hazardous materials from a distance


An Israeli-designed, drone-based sensor capable of remotely detecting explosives, hazardous material and drugs was unveiled at a trade show in Tel Aviv this week at the Homeland Security Expo.
Laser Detect System (LDS) Ltd., the company behind the SpectroDrone system which specialized in laser detection technology, claims that the device can identify “explosives and other hazardous materials, in gas, liquid, powder or bulk form, at a distance of several meters from the threat.”
The sensor is mounted on an Airbotics Optimus drone capable of flying a distance of up to three kilometers, allowing for safe detection without endangering lives, according to the developer. The system can also be mounted on robots or vehicles.

The SpectroDrone system uses a laser source which emits several wavelengths, a laser range finder and a high-resolution camera. This is combined with an algorithm which the company claims allows for detection sensitivity while reducing both false negatives and false positives.

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