ADL & Foxman do it Again: Attack Glenn Beck & show inability to tell difference between Nazis & Commies

By Moshe Phillips

Abraham Foxman and the ADL have done it again. This time they have attacked Glenn Beck for using imagery that they claimed was Nazi at the NRA convention. The problem is that Beck did not use a mock-up of Mayor Bloomberg giving the Nazi salute — the image was of Mayor Bloomberg in a famous pose of Vladimir Lenin.  (See the full ABC News story here:

The image of Lenin that Glenn Beck used is so famous and iconic that statues have been made of it. Perhaps the most famous one is now in Memento Park in Budapest.

See examples here:  and here:

Foxman and ADL have not only displayed the inability to tell the difference between Nazis and Communists but the difference between who the Jewish community’s friends are and who our enemies are.

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