500 Jewish mothers bake challah for IDF soldiers


Photo Credit : (Aviram Waldman)

Some 500 Jewish mothers from around the world bonded in

Jerusalem on Thursday as they baked hundreds of challah — a knotted bread traditionally eaten on Shabbat and Jewish festivals — for Israeli soldiers.
“The Great Big Challah Bake” event was run by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) as part of the global Shabbat Project, a multi-denominational organization celebrating “the transformative power” of the Jewish Sabbath.
The women, 400 of whom are visiting Israel on a 10-day JWRP “Momentum” trip gathered with past participants from Israel, to bake over 1,000 loaves and package them for distribution to the troops.

The visitors, from Canada, the US, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, are also touring Israel as part of the Momentum trip — stopping in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Galilee — on a schedule covering a range of topics from Jewish values to contemporary Israeli society.
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