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A nation ignorant of the truth

I was watching “Jeopardy,” sick, stretched out on the couch, feeling too poorly to do anything except watch daytime TV. The game’s contestants were college students, and host Alex Trebek wanted the students to fill in this blank from Psalm 23: “The Lord is my _____.” 

Not one of those three very bright college students, from three of the best-known universities in America, could fill in that blank. They were totally unfamiliar with one of the most familiar lines in the Bible.

Dirty Secret No. 4 in Obamacare

Flying under the radar this past week was a new government report that forecasts that the national debt will double over the next decade. The White House has projected a cumulative $9 trillion deficit between 2010 and 2019, while the Congressional Budget Office estimates a more optimistic $7.1 trillion, based upon the expiration of Bush tax cuts. What this means is that Washington’s out-of-control spending likely will turn the nation’s already-staggering $11 trillion in debt into an astronomical $20 trillion.