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Pope Francis statement

This post has been remove due to questionable validity, Snopes has written it is false, even though Snopes is not only the best source due to their left stand, the Battalion will remove it until more data is gathered to…

Cyprus: Europeans Rush ATMs As Leaders Move To Seize Funds Directly From Bank Account Holders

Mac Slavo: Whether you have limited means directed at specific collapse-proof assets, or you’re an investor with capital in personal savings or stock portfolios, there exist a number of strategies that can help you to not only mitigate a worst-case scenario crisis, Over the last few years political and financial leaders in Europe and the United States have implemented policies, regulations and bailouts costing global taxpayers trillions of dollars with the promise that these measures would lead to economic growth and recovery.

What happened in Europe today is yet further proof that nothing they’ve done has fixed the underlying fundamental issues surrounding the events that led to the crash of 2008.

For those who don’t believe the government is prepared to take extreme measures that may include the seizing of retirement accounts, cash savings or even gold, look no further than Cyprus, the latest recipient of bank bailouts.

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