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Clouds of War: The Year Ahead for Israel

By John Waage and Chris Mitchell
CBN News
January 2, 2007 – JERUSALEM – On its northern border, Israel watches
Hezbollah regroup and grow in power after last summer's four-week war.
On its southern border near the sea, chaos reigns in Gaza – one of the
world's chief collecting points for terrorists and weapons.
To the north and east is Syria, stocked with chemical weapons and eager
to make mischief against Lebanon and Israel.
And finally, from the Persian Gulf sits Iran bidding to be nuclear,
dedicated to Israel's destruction, and eager for the Islamic
re-conquest of Jerusalem.
Just five months from now, Israel will mark the 40th anniversary of the
six-day war, when Israeli soldiers expanded the nation's borders and
put Jerusalem under Jewish control for the first time in 2,000 years.
In 2007, Israel's enemies will try to advance their jihadist plan to
take back Jerusalem and Israel for Islam.
At the forefront is Iran, which funds Islamic terrorist groups and
militias, and by the account of most experts is one to four years away
from making nuclear weapons.
“Israel would like to see sanctions imposed on Iran before it tests a
nuclear device. But in addition …

Antibiotic substitute developed by Israeli researchers

Two recent Israeli studies have shed new light on how to fight bacteria
more effectively. In the first, researchers at the Technion have
discovered a new way to create effective substitutes for antibiotics
based on a combination of amino acids and fatty acids. Since
antibiotics are increasingly losing their strength, the fact that
bacteria are not able to develop resistance to these substitutes looms
large. In the second study, researchers at the Weizmann Institute have
discovered that the 'resistance movement' founded by bacteria to combat
antibiotics may be losing ground, and are working to build a way to
provide the basis for novel and more effective antibiotics. 
Two recent Israeli studies are shedding new light on fighting bacteria
using antibiotics. In the first, researchers at the Technion-Israel
Institute of Technology have discovered a new way to create effective
substitutes for antibiotics based on a combination of amino acids and
fatty acids. Bacteria are not able to develop resistance to these
substitutes, so this is their great advantage, as commonly used
antibiotics are increasingly losing their effectiveness.
Prof. Amram Mor and students in his Haifa research team – Keren Marinka
and Shahar Rotem of the biotechnology and food engineering faculty –

Joshua┬┤s Altar Leads to Deepening National Consciousness

by Hillel Fendel
A reminder of the historic significance of the Jewish People's first
day in the Holy Land was provided by a trip for Russian-speaking
Israelis to Joshua's Altar on Mt. Ebal outside Shechem.
The story began just before this past Chanukah, when two busloads of
Russian-speaking Israelis – new immigrants, veteran immigrants, and
some tourists – made their first visit to the site known as Joshua's
Altar near Shechem (Nablus).
Security concerns notwithstanding, the visitors – many of whom had
never been to the area – came away greatly inspired, and some were even
moved to tears. Secular Jews found themselves reciting special
blessings and prayers appropriate to the novelty of the experience.
What was so special? “To see the actual altar that Joshua built, by
Divine command, on the day the Jewish People entered the Land of
Israel, is simply overwhelming,” one participant tried to explain.
The trip was organized by the Maof organization – helping
Russian-speakers get to know the Land of Israel – and ex-MK Uzi
Landau's Machatz (Zionist Camp), whose Eretz Nehderet (Beautiful Land)
program does the same for people all over the country. The two buses
were targeted by a small bomb hurled …

Olmert Recognizes PA Flag

Many in Israel and abroad were surprised when the flags of the State of
Israel and the Palestinian Authority flew side-by-side for the first
time, at the official Prime Minister’s Residence. 
For the first time in the history of the State of Israel, the red,
black, green and white flag of the Palestinian Authority stood next to
the official state flag of Israel bearing the blue Jewish Star flanked
by two stripes on its field of white, last Saturday Night.
It was the first of several surprises.
The meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PA Chairman Mahmoud
Abbas came days earlier than expected, with government spokesmen saying
security concerns had advanced the meeting and delayed the announcement.
Several agreements were ironed out within that first meeting. These
included the release of $100 million in frozen tax money for the PA,
loosening of travel restrictions on PA Arabs in Judea and Samaria and
increasing the number of permits for them to work inside Israel's
pre-1967 borders.
In addition to the usual smiling photo ops, both men seemed intent on
creating a message of unity, warmth and formal diplomacy.
The Jewish Prime Minister addressed Abu Mazen – Abbas’s nom de guerre …

Senior defense official: Restraint policy is now unethical

On Tuesday evening, a Qassam launched from northern Gaza landed in
Sderot, injuring two teenage boys. Pursuant to the government's
continued policy of restraint, the Israel Defense Forces did not
'The IDF's inactivity is giving immunity to rocket launching cells,'
the defense establishment claims. 'In the past, a terrorist who went
out to launch a rocket thought seven times before taking action and
today he doesn't even think twice.'
Senior IDF officials said that all operations undertaken by the IDF
have a deterrent effect, even if the effect isn't immediately seen in
the field.
A senior officer told Ynet, 'at this time, with unceasing rocket fire,
restraint is turning into something unethical. What happened tonight
(Tuesday) is very sad and is possibly the result of the policy (of
He said that if rocket fire continues at the current rate, there will
most likely be more casualties.
Defense Minister Amir Peretz spoke with several senior officials from
the defense establishment, including IDF Chief of General Staff Dan
Halutz and IDF Chief of Southern Command Yoav Gallant, regarding the
'We can't continue this policy and we must hit the rocket launch
cells,' he said angrily.
In a conversation with …

Snow Over Jerusalem

Classes in schools in northern Israel were postponed on Thursday
morning as a result of ice on the roads which could prove dangerous for
Extreme weather conditions continued to sweep across Israel on
Wednesday, causing havoc throughout the country.
Following snowstorms in the Golan Heights, the Galilee and Hebron the
previous night, on Wednesday morning snow fell in the Negev desert and
later reached the central hills and Jerusalem.
Due to the snowy conditions in southern Israel, Route 40 was blocked
between Sde Boker and the Nifta prison, Route 31 was blocked between
Mishmar Hanegev and Lehavim and Route 204 was blocked between Yeroham
and Sde Boker.
Also in the South, hundreds of Beduins were injured when several tents
collapsed near the Lehavim Junction due to the stormy weather.
Meanwhile, one person was killed and three others injured in a car
accident on the Coastal Highway, when a bus collided with a car on the
section of the road between Fureidis and Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael.
The casualties were evacuated to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera.
In one of the most dramatic rescues of the day, police officers ferried
a woman about to give birth to safety, after the tent …

2nd Vice President Southern Baptist Convention invites All Christians to STAND, on Christmas Day against the WALL in Jesus' birth town of Bethlehem.

BETHLEHEM, Palestine/BUENA PARK, California 
CHRISTMAS day 2007 “The Wiley Drake Show” will broadcast from
BETHLEHEM, the City of Jesus Birth to ask all Christians and their
leaders to join UK Church Leaders to pledge to be “A Voice for the
Voiceless” in BETHLEHEM. 
 Leila Sansour, Open Bethlehem's Chief Executive, says ” Our U.S. poll
shows overwhelming support for Bethlehem's Christian heritage, yet our
survey of Bethlehem's own citizens shows the city cannot retain this
heritage and it's Christian community while the WALL remains.” 
“The choice is stark, Either the WALL stays and Bethlehem ceases to be
a Christian town. Or Bethlehem retains its Christian population – in
which case the WALL has to come down. The International community needs
to wake up to what is happening and choose” 
Pastor Wiley Drake urges all Christians to listen in, if for only a few
minutes Christmas Day Dec. 25, 2006 to PRAY FOR BETHLEHEM
To Listen go to and click on listen live Christmas
Day 9:00 am PST and 12:00 Noon EST 
Pastor Drake also encourages Christians to go to Open Bethlehem's web
sight to know more how to pray and make
Drake says,” In a free America as …

Bethlehem Christmas Pilgrims Scarce

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) – Marching bands, children dressed as Santa
Claus and clergymen in magenta skullcaps gathered in the center of
Bethlehem on Sunday to celebrate Christmas Eve, doing their best to
dispel the gloom hovering over Jesus' traditional birthplace.
In an annual custom, townspeople enacted Christmas rituals that seem
out of place in the Middle East. Palestinian scouts marched through the
streets, some wearing kilts and berets, playing drums and bagpipes.
They passed inflatable Santas looking forlorn in the sunshine.
Other acts, however, could take place nowhere else. To get to the West
Bank town, Michel Sabbah, the Roman Catholic Church's highest official
in the Holy Land, rode in his motorcade through a huge steel gate in
the Israeli barrier that separates Jerusalem from Bethlehem.
Israel says it built the barrier to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers
from reaching Israeli population centers. Palestinians view the
structure, which dips into parts of the West Bank, as a land grab.
The robed clergyman was led into Palestinian-controlled territory by a
formal escort of five Israeli policemen on horseback. Two officers of
the Israeli Border Police closed the gate behind him.
“God wants us all to be peacemakers. He …

Al-Aqsa mosque could collapse

Yaakov Lappin
Hamas dismissed the Saturday afternoon meeting between Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert and PA President Mahmoud Abbas, saying it would “not serve
the Palestine question,” and adding that Hamas did not “hinge hopes” on
the encounter, the Hamas English language website reported.  
Ismail Redwan, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, was quoted as saying that the
“Zionist enemy exploits such meetings to politically blackmail the PA,”
the website said.  
“We don't attach high hopes to such meetings because they always fall
in line with pressures on Palestinians, denying them rights and
rejecting their legitimate demands,” Redwan added.  
Responding to reports that the meeting would help lift a number of
roadblocks in the West Bank, Redwan said: “We shifted from discussing
the essence of the question that we are under occupation to discussing
a road barrier or a supplies truck”.
Redwan was also quoted as saying that “the release of the Israeli
serviceman, Gilad Shalit, was still awaiting reply from the Hebrew
state to conditions of his captors.”  
'Al-Aqsa Mosque threatened by collapse'
The Hamas website also quoted the Palestinian chief justice of Islamic
courts, Sheikh Tayseer  
al-Tamimi, as claiming that “Israeli diggings have reached a …

Syria building 'death trap' villages

Warning that Israel may face a “Syrian intifada,” a high-ranking
officer in Northern Command has told The Jerusalem Post that villages
recently built by Syria along the border are planned to be used as
“death traps” for IDF troops in Hizbullah-inspired attacks.
Since this summer's war in Lebanon, Syria, the officer revealed, has
invested large amounts of money in replicating Hizbullah military
tactics, particularly in establishing additional commando units and
fortifying its short- and long-range missile array.
The idea is to draw Israel into an asymmetric war, the officer said,
like the warfare the IDF encounters in combat against the Palestinians
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as against Hizbullah in
Over the past two years, Syria has built a number of villages along the
border with Israel, some inhabited and some not. At first, the IDF was
not sure of their purpose. But now, following the war, the officer
said, it was understood.
“Syria drew motivation from Hizbullah's surprise success this summer,”
the high-ranking officer said. “They now want to copy that type of
guerrilla warfare.”
While for years it was assumed that Israel had a major edge against
Syria's military with regard to a …