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India's "lost" Jews set for long-awaited homecoming

By Sunil Kataria
2 hours, 51 minutes ago
Dalia Doliani Sela sits in her simple house poring over the Bible and
learning Hebrew, dreaming of a life of piety and a family reunion with
her children in the Promised Land.
Sela is an Indian by birth, part of a community in the country's remote
northeast who says they are one of the “lost tribes of Israel,” exiled
from their homeland 2,700 years ago.
“I want to be there when my last days come. Because Israel is the land
of Sarah. It's the first place where she will come,” she said,
referring to the wife of the biblical patriarch Abraham.
Sela, a 63-year-old mother of 10, is among the first group of India's
Bnei Menashe community to be allowed to settle in the Holy Land since
rabbinical leaders in Israel formally recognized the community as Jews
and carried out a mass conversion ceremony in India last year.
“It is the Promised Land of God and we can properly carry our religious
duties over there. Here it is difficult to practice Judaism properly,
so far away,” Sela told Reuters in the Mizo capital, Aizawl.
Sela is one of 218 Bnei Menashe, or …

Clashes ahead of court ruling on parade

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox men riot in Jerusalem following attorney
general's decision to approve gay pride parade. Protestors set fire to
garbage bins, block roads and hurl stones at police officers; 20
detained. High Court to rule on issue Monday morning
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox men rioted Sunday night in Jerusalem ahead
of the High Court of Justice's ruling on whether to approve the gay
pride parade, which is planned to take place in the capital Friday.  
The Jerusalem Police detained 20 rioters so far, and large forces were
dispatched to the area. Four police officers and a Haaretz photographer
were lightly injured.  
Attorney General's Decision  
Mazuz's solution: 'Modest' gay parade  / Efrat Weiss  
At end of meeting with attorney general, Jerusalem District Police
Commander Major General Ilan Franco says he will try and meet with Open
House representatives in bid to find ways 'to hold a modest pride
parade at a place and time which parties will agree upon'    
Jerusalem District Police Commander Ilan Franco is expected to meet
Monday with representatives of the Open House for Pride and Tolerance
in a bid to find a way to hold the parade, which will be accepted by

Shy boy whose fate could change history

 World News
The Times June 29, 2006

A family photograph of Gilad Shalit. He volunteered to be a combat
soldier (AP)


By Richard Beeston and Ian MacKinnon
UNTIL he was captured by Palestinian militants last Sunday there was
little to distinguish Gilad Shalit from the thousands of other
teenagers doing military service in the Israeli army.
He was raised, the middle of three siblings in a small community in the
rolling hills of northern Galilee, near Israel’s border with Lebanon.
His father, Noam, is a manager at the Iscar machine tools company; his
mother, Aviva, works at the Society for the Protection of Nature. His
brother is a college student and his sister is at high school.   
Friends describe Gilad as studious, good at physics and a little shy.
But they say he is quite determined in his own quiet way, and that when
he was called up a year ago he volunteered to join a combat unit. His
elder brother, Yoel, 21, is a student at a polytechnic in the northern
Israeli port of Haifa. He has a younger sister at high school.
Today the future of the Middle East could hang on …