The double-edged sword of cyber warfare


While Israel acknowledges ‘day-to-day’ use of offensive digital weapons, experts warn of its growing vulnerability BY MITCH GINSBURG An illustrative photo of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon visiting the governmental department of telecom and cyber systems in June 2013 (Ariel Hermoni/Ministry…

Mice at security checkpoints?


Strategic Sites Airport Security Perimeter Security Border Security Technology Explosive Detection First Responders Law Enforcement Newsמאת i-HLS news desk – Jun 20, 2015 Wistar_ratThe Israeli X-Test company is working these days on a system that will train mice to find…

New smart helmet that saves lives


Canary-800A new Israeli development offers a solution to dangerous situations during flights where a pilot loses control over the vehicle for a short time. The solution: A smart helmet that can detect when a pilot is about to lose consciousness…