Seige of Jerusalem

The Tenth of Tevet is a Jewish fast day marking Nebuchadnezzar’s siege
of Jerusalem 2,500 years ago. What’s the message for us today?
The 10th of Tevet, a fast day which commemorates when the Babylonians
first laid siege to Jerusalem, takes place this year on Wednesday,
December 19th.
10th of Tevet
In Jewish consciousness, a fast day is a time of reckoning, a time to
correct a previous mistake. What happened on the Tenth of Tevet that we
have to correct?
On the Tenth of Tevet, 2,500 years ago, Nebuchadnezzar began his siege
of Jerusalem. Actually, there was little damage on that first day and
no Jews were killed. So why is this day so tragic? Because the siege
was a message, to get the Jewish people to wake up and fix their
problems. They failed, and the siege led to the destruction of the King
Solomon's Temple.
Today we are also under siege. Much of the Jewish world is ignorant of
our precious heritage. Children whose Jewish education ended at age 13
now carry that perception through adulthood. The results are
catastrophic: assimilation in the diaspora, and a blurring of our
national goals in Israel.
So what's the message …

Rabbinic leaders rebuke Israeli government

Slam Hamas terror group's Temple Mount broadcast as 'fostering
bloodshed, war'
By Aaron Klein
JERUSALEM – A group of prominent rabbinic elders and the leaders of
Israel's major Temple Mount activist groups issued a joint statement
today calling on “all nations who believe in the word of God to” rebuke
the Israeli government for reportedly failing to halt the Hamas terror
group from broadcasting live today from the Temple Mount, Judaism's
holiest site.
“We call upon all nations who cherish freedom and who believe in the
word of God as manifest in the Torah of Israel and its prophets to
rebuke the government of Israel for its disgraceful treatment of all
that is holy to the Jewish people before the eyes of the entire world,”
said a statement by the New Jewish Congress, the Sanhedrin and the Holy
Temple and Temple Mount movements.
The Congress is a group of religious Zionist leaders here while the
Sanhedrin consists of prominent rabbinic leaders who in 2004 reformed
the ancient group of Jewish judges that previously constituted the
legislative body of Israel. The reformed Sanhedrin has been a subject
of debate within some Jewish communities.
Continued the statement: “The contemptible and vile consent …

Bush: Patience with Syria's Assad ran out long ago

Washington has grown tired of Syria's meddling in Lebanese affairs, US
President Bush warns on Thursday. Meanwhile from Damascus, Syrian
Foreign Minister Moallem slams American involvement in regional affairs

US President George W. Bush said on Thursday his patience with Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad had run out long ago. 
Syrian president talks to Austrian newspaper, says Syria passed on
opportunity to have nuclear weapons, achieving actual progress in the
Middle East peace process in 2008 unlikely      
“Syria needs to stay out of Lebanon,” Bush told a White House news
conference when asked whether he would be willing talk to Assad about
stabilizing Lebanon, which is caught up in a political crisis. 
The Bush administration has tried to isolate Damascus diplomatically,
though Syria sent representatives to the US-hosted Annapolis peace
“My patience ran out on President Assad a long time ago,” Bush said.
“The reason why is because he houses Hamas, he facilitates Hizbullah,
suiciders go from his country into Iraq and he destabilizes Lebanon,”
Bush said.  
Syria has denied US allegations that it is interfering in neighboring
Lebanon and trying to undermine its Western-backed government. Damascus
withdrew its forces from Lebanon in 2005 after a 29-year …

Israelis create Bible smaller than a pinhead

Israeli scientists yesterday said they had created the world's smallest
Hebrew Bible, fitting the book on to a gold-coated silicon chip smaller
than a pinhead.   
The scientists were able to pack the 308,428 words onto a surface
smaller than a pinhead 
Scientists at Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology, were able to
pack the 308,428 words of what Christians refer to as the Old Testament
on to a 0.5mm square of silicon by etching its surface with particle
“The Guinness Book of World Records has a Bible 50 times bigger,” said
Ohad Zohar, who directed the project. He said he now wanted to take
pictures of the nano-Bible and blow it up to a seven-by-seven metre
poster, which will make it “possible to read the entire bible with the
naked eye”.
The tiny Bible was developed as part of an educational drive to
increase interest in nanoscience among teenagers.

Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch rejects Israel's Jewish identity

 Christianity, Israel  
Israel's identity as a Jewish state discriminates against non-Jews, the
Holy Land's top Roman Catholic clergyman said in a pre-Christmas
address on Wednesday.
“If there's a state of one religion, other religions are naturally
discriminated against,” Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah told reporters at
the annual press conference he holds in Jerusalem before the
In his address, which he read in Arabic and English, Sabbah said Israel
should abandon its Jewish character in favor of a political, normal
state for Christians, Muslims and Jews.
“This land cannot be exclusive for anyone,” he said.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel said Israel provides full
religious freedom to people of all faiths.
“We reject his claim that other religions are not enjoying equal rights
in Israel,” Mekel said.
With his statements Wednesday, Sabbah, a longtime advocate of the
Palestinian cause, waded into a debate that has marred the fledgling
peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.
He said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had unleashed “forces of evil”
across the Middle East and it was up to Israel to relaunch the peace
“I hope we are entering into a new phase with Annapolis,” Sabbah saud.
“The one who will decide is Israel. If …

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By Michael Freund      In recent weeks, US foreign policy has undergone
a sharp turnaround, as Washington increasingly has abandoned its
principled stances of the past seven years on just about every major
foreign policy issue, and has begun to mimic the previous
administration. | Will the real George W. please stand
After seven years of fearlessly confronting evil, both rhetorically and
militarily, the Bush administration in Washington seems to have faded
away, replaced instead by a meek shadow of its former self.
Firm resolve has given way to disappointing frailty, as the shape and
direction of US foreign policy increasingly resembles something taken
straight out of Bill Clinton's playbook.
Across the board, on nearly every major issue of the day, from Iran to
Syria to North Korea, the Bush administration is in retreat, abandoning
the principled stands of yesteryear and replacing them with the
unscrupulous and inexplicable policies now being pursued by the
Department of State.
The turnabout is breathtaking in its scope, rivaled only perhaps by
Britney Spears' rapid descent from pop superstar to tabloid curiosity.
But unlike the blonde starlet's fate, this is something that actually
Take, for example, the donor conference held in Paris …